(written by V. Sergeyev, corresponding member, ICCIA)

St. Petersburg 23.02.2004


The S. Repyev’s power-information theory of heredity, mutability and shape formation shows, that the mankind as well as a separate individual is governed by an information program which can be changed or corrected on the field level. Who will do that and what will be the price? – That’s the question.

There are a lot of practical examples of growing new species and sorts in the floral world. Application of this theory regarding the fauna allows to achieve results differ from natural development forms increasing qualitative and quantitative indices.

There is A PERSON and a mechanism of realization of this theory to work with people. Today it’s more than topical for survival of the mankind.

The mechanism of the mankind survival process, attempt to suspend a genetic code balance breach consists of two components:

The crystal being made in such way belongs exclusively to one concrete person and it’s impossible to somebody else to fabricate or use it.

The crystal has a powerful clan protection of the person existing in the noosphere power-information field.

Growing crystal technology is well known and worked out. It is widely used in different productions, such as abrasive materials. Crystals are designed in the form of “obereg” (talisman) and “the Kremlin Pill”.

The crystal spoken about has its own know-how consisting of A PERSON’s right to change parameters attached to the human race development and preservation program.

And the same question appears - Who will do that and what’s the price?



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